Blind filmmaker, Aaron Vnuk, brings you this humble New England story about the power of perspective. A man, appearing to be a beggar, takes shelter at a bus stop to escape the cold winter morning. As he waits, he interacts with three young women, a jogger, a business woman and a newly married couple. Each person responds to the man as they perceive him. Are their impressions correct? Should they fear him? Is there more to this man that is not easily observed? What is he waiting for?

Blind River Studios presents, Waiting, a stylistic short film directed by Michael O’Connor and co-stars Tom Erb and Danielle Lozeau. Waiting was filmed on location in Connecticut on the Panasonic DVX 100A.

The film’s cinematography cherishes the classic, New England look. The movie features a supporting cast including Nicole Kong, Robert Baldassari, Michele Boyd, Jennifer Amenta, Melissa Cleary and Renee Coro.

Waiting teaches us about people and the way they interpret the world at a lonely bus stop. Aaron Vnuk knows that people rely on their eyesight to make judgments about their surroundings. Waiting will both surprise and uplift your own vision.

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