Blind River Studios Releases Short Film: Waiting

Blind River Studios Releases Short Film: Waiting Blind filmmaker, Aaron Vnuk, brings you this humble New England story about the power of perspective. The stylistic short film directed by Michael O’Connor and costars Tom Erb and Danielle Lozeau, teaches us about people and the way they interpret the world at a lonely bus stop. Aaron Vnuk knows that people rely on their eyesight to make judgements about their surroundings. Waiting will both surprise and uplift your own vision.

Aaron Vnuk Honored at Suzanne DeLaurentiis' Oscar Party!

Blind River Studios’s president Aaron Vnukwas honored at Hollywood Producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis’ Oscar Party. Click the button to see carpet interviews and photos.

Super Duper Heist Squad is now available!

Blind River Studios’s feature film Super Duper Heist Squadis now available on Tubi, Amazon Prime, Vuuzle, PLEX, and Vimeo On Demand!

A Mean Man's War (short) is now available!

A Mean Man’s War is now available on YouTube!

Beach Sightings (short) is now available!

Beach Sightings is now available on YouTube!

Super Duper Heist Squad featured on Vuuzle! 

Super Duper Heist Squad was featured on Vuuzle’s homepage!