Living The Blind Life: Episode 1

On Saturday, February 1, we released the first episode of our web series, Living The Blind Life. This episode is all about how my wife tried to kill me during my first visit to North Haven Crossfit. It took us three days to shoot the episode. You’ll get to see me trying to do burpees, my least favorite exercise, and the very dangerous, wall ball thrusters. Did you know that the twenty pound wall ball slipped out of my hands as I threw it up in the air and it almost hit me in the head? Or how about the fact that in Crossfit, you’re not supposed to stop for any water breaks? At least, that’s what my wife tells me.

In the episode, you’ll get to meet many members of my team and watch them try to perform some of these killer exercises. I wish I could see my buddy Augie performing wall balls in his Muu Muu. Or maybe I wouldn’t want to see that. We certainly had a lot of fun shooting this episode. It was my first time having to be the star in front of the camera. That was stressful. I guess, it’s a good thing I can’t see all the cameras and lights and our team all staring at me. It’s hard enough when Director, Mark Foley, calls action. 

I hope you will enjoy the episode and will want to see more. I like to think that each episode will provide you with something you’ll learn about me, something that will inspire you and something that will definitely make you laugh. We already filmed episodes 2, 3 & 4 and they promise to bring you much more entertainment, education and inspiration. We hope you enjoy the show!   

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