Where Vision Flows Through the Eyes of the Blind

Blind River Studios is an independent production company inspired by Aaron Vnuk, a blind filmmaker, storyteller and public speaker. Aaron’s vision is of a world where the underdogs–whether disabled, disadvantaged, or underserved–rise above their challenges and live a life that is unstoppable.

Super Duper Heist Squad Available Now!

Quirky characters abound in this offbeat adventure, as a super-duper team of socially awkward couch commandos plans the perfect mission for rescuing a rare, sci-fi collectible from the clutches of a villainous scoundrel.

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A Mean Man's War Now Available on YouTube!

A MEAN MAN’S WAR is a short film by BLIND RIVER STUDIOS that highlights the racism endured by black and African Americans during World War I. Approximately 380,000 black and African Americans served in World War I. Disdained by white soldiers, the black soldiers were restricted from combat battalions. They were assigned to serve in labor and stevedore battalions to exploit their value as a cheap workforce while maintaining segregation.

A MEAN MAN’S WAR features William A. Thomas, Conor Timmis, Moses Beckett, John Sheppard, Tony Morgan, Thomas Benton, and a host of other talented actors.

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Beach Sightings Now Available on YouTube!

Augustus Tiberius Simpson III [JOHN SHEPPARD] has a secret. Julie [LAUREN WIGGINS] thinks she knows what it is.

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Watch our docu-series "Living The Blind Life"

EP 1: Aaron Goes To CrossFit

EP 2: What Does a Blind Person See?

EP 3: Do Blind People Have Super Powers?

EP 4: How Many Canes Does a Blind Guy Need?

EP 5: How Does a Blind Guy Eat a Fancy Dinner?

EP 6: How Does a Blind Guy Choose His Clothes?

EP 7: How Does a Blind Guy Go Hiking?

EP 8: How Does a Blind Guy Paint?


  • Blind River Studios was named after the movie, “A River Runs Through It,” starring Brad Pitt and Craig Sheffer. It was the last movie Aaron saw before losing his eyesight and it happened to be one of his favorite movies of all time. Aaron says that to this day, he can still see Brad Pitt fly fishing on the Big Blackfoot River in Missoula, Montana.
  • Aaron lost his eyesight to Retinitis Pigmentosa when he was in his early 30’s. He remembers the day his eye specialists said there wasn’t anything more they could do for him. The degenerative disease had finally won. It robbed him of his eyesight, but Aaron refused to let it rob him from living life.
  • Aaron had a cameo as the bodyguard, Curtis Daniels, in “Super Duper Heist Squad”. Aaron and actress, Christina Sciongay, had a method of finger tapping to help guide Aaron during the filming of the scenes. We don’t think it was picked up on camera.
  • “Super Duper Heist Squad” is the first feature film produced by Blind River Studios. It premiered at the Holiday Cinemas in Wallingford, CT. Aaron introduced the movie to a sold-out theatre and later signed his best “blind autographs” with the cast and crew.
  • Living The Blind Life is the first web series produced by Blind River Studios. The majority of the episodes were filmed on location at North Haven Crossfit in North Haven, CT. Director, Mark Foley, provided verbal cues to make sure Aaron was looking at the camera.
  • On the film set, Aaron enjoys monitoring the sound recording. It helps him stay on the crew’s frontline and keeps him tethered by the headphone wire so he doesn’t wander off and knock over expensive equipment.